Name of corporate debtor: D. S. KULKARNI DEVELOPERS LIMITED
Registered Office: DSK House, 1187/60, J. M. Road Shivajinagar, Pune 411005, Maharashtra, India
CIN No: L45201PN1991PLC063340

Claim forms and Directions

1Claim Form B
2Claim Form C
3Claim Form CA
4Claim Form D
5Claim Form E
6Claim Form F
7Direction for Home Buyers
8Direction for Fixed Deposit Holders
9Notice for the adjourned 23rd CoC Meeting
10Claims of Creditors as on 14.07.2021
11Claims of Creditors as on 02.08.2021
12Claims of Creditors as on 09.08.2021
13Claims as on 20.07.2021

Profile of Proposed Authorised Representatives

1Profile of CA Rajendra R Agarwal IP
2Profile of CA Kedar Muley
3Profile of CA Pankaj SInghi
5Profile of CA Jitendra Shah
6Profile of CA Prabhanjan Maheshwari

Orders of Hon'ble NCLT

1Order for appointment of Authorised Representative

Public Notice and Announcements

1Notice to Management and Employees
2Notice related to Other Group Companies of DSK Group
3Form G - Public Announcement
4BSE NSE Announcement 27-03-2020
5BSE NSE Announcement 08/04/2020
6BSE NSE Announcement 18/05/2020
7BSE NSE Announcement 02/09/2020
8BSE NSE Announcement 15/09/2020
9Form A Revised
10BSE NSE Announcement 15/10/2020
11Communication address of the Resolution Professional
12BSE NSE Announcement 30/06/2020
13Final List of Prospective Resolution Applicants - 30th March 2021
14BSE NSE Announcement 22/10/2019
15BSE NSE Announcement 18/11/2019
16BSE NSE Announcement 04/12/2019
17BSE NSE Announcement 18/12/2019
18BSE NSE Announcement 13/1/2020
19BSE NSE Announcement 04/02/2020
20BSE NSE Announcement 15/02/2020
21BSE NSE Announcement 24/02/2020
22BSE NSE Announcement 03/03/2020
23Newspaper clippings of Notice of AGM & Remote E voting
24Intimation about hearing Sec31 Approval of Resolution Plan-20.07.2022
26Intimation of hearing held on application filed for Approval of Resolution Plan_30.08.2022
27Intimation of hearing held on application filed for Approval of Resolution Plan_10.10.2022
28BSE NSE Announcement 29/10/2020
30Advertisement in newspaper for Debenture Holders
31Intimation of hearing held on application filed for Approval of Resolution Plan_18.11.2022
32Intimation about hearing for application filed Under Section 31 for approval of the Resolution Plan
33Intimation - Application filed Under Section 31 for approval of the Resolution Plan_08_03_2022

Committee of Creditors /List of Creditors

1Committee of Creditors as on 18/10/2019
2Updated List of Creditors as on 13/11/2019
3Updated List of Creditors as on 20/02/2020
4Updated List of Creditors as on 29/04/2020
5Updated List of Creditors as on 26/06/2020
6Updated List of Creditors as on 18/11/2020
7Claim List updated as on 04.01.2021
8Committee of Creditors as on 26/12/2019
9Updated List of Creditors as on 26/12/2019
10Updated List of Creditors as on 31/08/2020
11Updated List of Creditors as on 03/03/2021
12Updated List of Creditors as on 31st March, 2021.
13Updated List of Creditors as on 10th May, 2021.
14Updated Claims as on 25.05.2021
15Updated Claims of Creditors as on 17.06.2021
16Updated List of Creditors as on 15/03/2020
17Updated Claim list as on 9th August, 2021
18Updated list of claims as on 09.10.2022
19Updated List of Creditors as on 15/10/2020

Information for Home Buyers/ FD Holders

1Information for Home Buyers/ FD Holders1
2Information for Home Buyers/ FD Holders2

COC Meetings

1Notice of 1st COC Meeting
2Change of Venue and Time of 1st COC
3Notice of 2nd Coc Meeting
4Notice of 4th COC Meeting
5Notice of 5th Meeting of COC
6Notice of 7th COC Meeting
7Notice of 10th Coc Meeting
8Notice of 11th CoC Meeting
9Notice of 6th Meeting of COC
10Notice of 8th Coc Meeting
11Notice of 8th Coc Meeting Revised
12Notice of 9th COC Meeting
13Notice of 12th Coc Meeting
14Notice of the 14th CoC
15Notice of 3rd COC Meeting
16Notice for the 17th CoC Meeting
17Notice for the 19th CoC Meeting
18Notice for the 20th CoC Meeting
19Notice for the 21st CoC Meeting to be held on 05th June 2021 instead of 4th June 2021
20Important Decisions taken in 4th CoC Meeting
21Important Decisions taken in 6th CoC Meeting
22Important Decisions taken in 7th CoC Meeting
23Important Decisions taken in 8th CoC Meeting
24Important Decisions taken in 10th CoC Meeting
25Important Decisions taken in 11th CoC Meeting
26Important Decisions taken in 12th CoC Meeting
27Important Decisions taken in 14th CoC Meeting
28Notice for the 21st CoC Meeting
29Notice for the 23rd CoC Meeting
30Important Decisions taken in 17th CoC Meeting
31Important Decisions taken in 20th CoC Meeting
32Important Decisions taken in CoC Meetings
33Important Decisions taken in CoC Meetings
34Notice of 27th CoC Meeting
35Notice of 28th CoC Meeting
3614th CoC
3713th CoC
38Notice for the 24th CoC Meeting
39Notice of 29th CoC Meeting
40Important Decisions taken in 29th CoC
41Notice of 30th CoC Meeting
42Notice for the 15th CoC meeting.
43Notice for the 16th CoC meeting.
44Notice and Agenda of 26th CoC Meeting to be held on 05.10.2021
45Notice for the 18th CoC Meeting
46Notice for the 22nd CoC Meeting
47Adjourned 22nd CoC meeting to be held on 29.06.2021
48Notice of 25th CoC Meeting

Expression of Interest (EOI) - Jan 2020.

1Form G - Expression of Interest
2Detailed Documents for EOI
3Notice for Extension of Date of EOI
4Form G Revised with Extension Dates


1FY 2017-18
3FY 2019-20

Investor Relations

1Notice for the 26th AGM
2Notice for the 27th AGM
3Notice for the 28th AGM
4Notice for the 29th AGM

Annual Reports

127th AGM
2Annual Report for FY 2016-17
3Annual Report for FY 2017-18
4Annual report as on 31.03.2021
5Annual report as on 30.06.2021
6Annual Report for 31st AGM for F.Y. 2021-22
728th AGM
829th AGM
9Annual Report for 30th AGM for F.Y. 2020-21

Outcome of the AGM

1Outcome of the 31st AGM
2Outcome of the 26th AGM
3Outcome of the 27th AGM
4Outcome of the 28th AGM
5Outcome of the 29th AGM
6Outcome of the 30th AGM
7Outcome of AGM
8Scrutinizer's Report_Signed

Outcome of the adjourned AGMs

1Outcome of 26th AGM
2Outcome of the 27th AGM
3Outcome of 31st AGM
4Scutinizer's Report_Adjourned 31st AGM

Expressional of Interest (EOI) - February 2021

1Final Invitation for Expression of Interest
2Form G with timelines
3EOI Extension Note
4Revised Form G
5Newspaper Clippings
6Investment Teaser
7Newspaper Clippings

Related Party Disclosure

1 Related Party Disclosure under SEBI Regulations - 31st March 2022
2Related Party Disclosure under SEBI Regulations

Outcome of Board Meetings

1Standalone Audited Financial Results for the quarter and year ended on 31st March, 2022
2Standalone UnAudited Financial Results for the quarter ended 30th June, 2022
3Standalone Unaudited Financial Results for the quarter and Half year ended on 30th September, 2022
4Standalone UnAudited Financial Results for the quarter ended 30th June, 2021
5Standalone Unaudited Financial Results for the quarter and Half year ended on 30th September, 2021
6Standalone Unaudited Financial Results for the quarter and nine months ended on 31st December, 2021

Corporate Announcements

1Disclosure pursuant to SEBI Circular No. SEBl/HO/CFD/CMDl/CIR/P/2019/140 dated November 21, 2019
2Corporate Governance Report _March 2021
3Corporate Governance Report _June 2021
4Corporate Governance Report _Sept 2022
5Corporate Governance Report _September 2021
6Corporate Governance Report _December 2021
7Corporate Governance Report _March 2022
8Corporate Governance Report _June 2022

Intimation of Board Meetings

1Intimation of Board Meeting_17/11/2022
2Intimation of Board Meeting_12/08/2022
3Intimation of Board Meeting - August 2021
4Intimation of Board Meeting - June 2021
5Intimation of Board Meeting - November 2021
6Intimation of Board Meeting - Feb 2022
7Intimation of Board Meeting_24/05/2022

Secretarial Compliance Report

1Secretarial Compliance Report _31.03.2021
2Secretarial Compliance Report_31.03.2022